2018 Mission and Vision  

We always knew that through communications  was our core reason for building PIFM for the community, we would fortunately not have to deply the Rig for just communication & charging services….While we brainstormed about how we would use PIFM and the Rig, We soon realized we couldn’t be everything to everyone but we would have to do something to help locals. We started with a fundraiser dinners to help a family affected by cancer, and soon  thereafter we were involved in Strides of Ocean City. We worked with  The Egg Harbor Township Toys for Tots and though we donated about toys we help them more with communications Which was very rewarding, but did not achieve the ongoing results/ relationship  I hoped for….

2018 revised Mission and Vision

We will always be available for communications for the local community,as well as Strides and Real Men Wear Pink but will be expanding our efforts to two groups with an emphasis on the innocent sick children:

Operation Homefront

  •  Our forgotten military & their families as we have registered with Opereration Homefront 12/23/2017 and await the vetting process.

Care Packs For Kids (under development )

  •  Pediatrics Illnesses, with the emphasis on promoting mental wellbeing through activities via care packs with our still developing Care Packs For kids Program