In the beginning, I was unclear of what to do when there wasn’t an Emergency, and for that reason, I aligned Pay It Forward Mobile with other larger groups to better validate what we do. It took years for me to realize what we do is not about the companies we started to support, but the people that those companies say they are supporting. Below is a list of those of companies which we have supported in the past I hope to utilize to expand our localism efforts

  • Real Men Wear Pink

  • Strides Breast Cancer Awareness-Ocean City, the NJ Council Member

  • Cookies for Kids Cancer

  • Alex’s Lemonade

  • Toys For Tots

  • Operation Homefront

Pay It Foward Mobile was Born out of the devastation of  Superstorm Sandy and the lack of modern communications where affected by the following power outages but tries to do more for the community than just emergency communications. 





This was pre-sandy, we had no idea what was about to hit our community

Images of our yard from the roof the morning after the June 2012 North American derecho

At 102 degrees and 100% humidity it was just under two weeks before the power would be restored

On the day they turned on the power to our street, we were told that they ran out of telephone poles, and it would be another day before we had power. 

Hurricane Sandy came ashore in northern New Jersey Oct. 29, 2012, 

Published on Oct 31, 2012

As residents of the battered east coast of America try to rebuild their lives after the devastation of Sandy, videos show the damage caused by the storm.

Facebook user Dann Cuellar posted this image of floodwaters inundating Atlantic City, N.J. on Oct. 29.By Andrew Freedman 

Photo Credit: Dann Cuellar

OK we get it....but why Pay It Forward

Because our home and family was spared,

I had to Pay It Forward

 Though the storms took down trees down all around our home, not once but twice in a mattter of weeks… none of them hit the house so bad to damage it beyond simple repairs, with every utility poles on the block being damaged, we would be without power for weeks … but in the end and unlike others who lost everything, we still had our home and my family was safe, and for that reason, we had to Pay our good fortune Forward, but how? The first thing we realized was with changes in how we communicate via cell phones and the internet along with the lack of hard-wired landlines, without power, basic communication was no longer an option

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