I found out about  Jon “Fiero Jon” Miller through a mutual friend Via Facebook, after I purchased a 1984 Fiero to be my daily driver  replacement since the Rig was my primary vehicle for three+ years. I soon learned 2 things 1) a Fiero is not the best option for a 250 pound 5’11’ 47 year old 2) Restoring Fieros was just a small part of what happens at Jon Miller Car Care Center . So we started using Jon Miller Care Center as the owner Jon miller specializes in Pontiac Fiero’s ( and Time Machines “seriously he built a time machine” See the link below

As it turns out they are the group of certified mechanics, with years of hands on experience. that I have ever come across and can fix just about anything and the best group of people I have had the pleasure to meet…. Keep in mind we live 100 miles away and I have shops closer to me…taking our cars anywhere else is not an option.
fast service, repairs done right the first time at a great price!!!!!!!

Jon Miller's Time Machine.... you read that right "Time Machine"

Fiero concerns Jon's got you covered

Jon Miller Car Care Center is located in the heart of Historic Tuckerton. Jon Miller Car Car Center features a 3,000 sq. ft. facility on Route 9 at 330 E. Main St.
Tuckerton, NJ 08087. Their Technicians are ASE certified, and jobs are diagnosed and checked by an ASE certified MASTER TECHNICIAN.

If your car needs help contact them

330 E. Main St. Tuckerton, NJ 08087 609-296-4400

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