Our First Post

Okay here goes my first post on the new website.Please be patient as this is my first try at building a website  from the ground up. It’s coming along as I envisioned it, but I still have to learn all the nuances of the program a lot of trial and error I’ve actually had to gut the entire website twice already. So what’s my hope of the website and what it should do?

  • Most importantly to me right now is revamping our entire social presence both within this site on throughout the net with our first responsibility being to our supports and letting the world know all that they have done for Pay It Forward Mobile in order to help us help you… Without them our little non-profit  would cease to exist.
  • My second agenda for the website and the coming app.. Is to be the pre-storm communication resource…. Listing  the places that you would go to to find out where we’ll be for us to help you,when the powers goes out.
  • 3rd but not the last would be community awareness of  all we do when not in an Emergency situation

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