Never did I Think to while watching a TV show that I would be so profoundly affected by one’s man’s vision, from just one comment.


“When good people come together for a noble cause, great things happen” …

Johnny Georges

Without these great people below, We couldn’t help you!!!

They support us please support them

2018 UPDATE: Now with the right people and new products in place… we found out the worst news The Rig needs a new motor… But not to worry, I made a promise to myself and family to be there for the community the next time the power goes out. Our family built PIFM from nothing more than an idea. We have project expansions planned that we hope will have exponential value. We will find a way through this, get a new motor and be back on the road, helping in more ways than ever before…

Exide Donates Batteries to Power Non-Profit Pay It Forward Mobile

With the motto:


I knew I found the right company to build a relationship with, but how did that all happen, I’ll let Exides LinkedIn post better tell the story, but I will pull out my favorite paragraph that includes a statement from Exide’s Vic Koelsch

 When this request for two fire truck batteries came through our website, we jumped at the chance to help get this non-profit back up and running

President & CEO Vic Koelsch

Automotive Repair Services

I found out about  Jon “Fiero Jon” Miller through a mutual friend Via Facebook, after I purchased a 1984 Fiero to be my daily driver replacement since the Rig was my primary vehicle for three + years. I soon learned Restoring Fieros was just a small part of what happens at Jon Miller Car Care

  • Family owned full-service auto repair facility

  • ASE-certified auto technicians

  • licensed state inspection and emissions repair facility

  • equipment is all state of the art,

    computer controlled

    machines that are required for late model diagnosis and repair, including state of the art tire machines and balancers, Their wheel alignment system….. but don’t my word for it …I’ll let the 1000+ reviews speak for themselves here at this link 


This supporter is going to be the hardest to write about, as the nature of their business just doesn’t have a lot of web posting to share… So you’re going to have to take just my word about how great this company is…ANA owners get it. I consider them the perfect example of a people over profit company, always willing to take the time and make sure I get Pay it forward local rig to where it needs to be. it because of that dedication to the community that I use them exclusively for all our personal-towing needs


We are working on expanding our Range of service areas… In working on triple redundancy for the services we provide we realized, if a local cell tower or network is down we would need larger antennas to pull in signal and then push them to those we serve. In doing that research we found Weboost, with a few emails and some phone calls with the support we determined the best hardware for what we do, two weeks later a model Drive 4G-X-RV was on our doorstep


Great group of people that have welcomed us into their network to expand into the community 

Earth Network supplies us with access to professional grade weather tracking software, to better gauge real-time weather conditions when deployed to serve the community

Without Verizon, none of our communications would be possible.They supply our internet to broadcast to the community 

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