We are not 1st,2nd or even 3rd responders, Were not “responders” at all, That’s what Fema ,Office of Emergency Management, and the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness Is for.

Photo; Michael Rieger/FEMA

We are in no way affiliated with those groups of professionals, They know who we are and are aware that we are here for them if they ever need us.

We are a Mom & Pop Nonprofit, that along with our Son have created

Pay It Forward Mobile LLC

An Atlantic County, New Jersey , based organisation that believes in the POWER of Paying it Forward and the laws of reciprocity

So….Just what is it than?

 It’s a mobile charging center with internet, and TV’s The Rig as I affectionately call it is deployed after the power has been knocked out. So the community can stay charged and in touch.Through the use of our internet,we have the ability to Streams or broadcast over air news and current local weather events and power outage repair updates using truck mounted Televisions to local residents that are without power and would be otherwise out of the loop

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