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This is my first draft revision  of an emotional subject, so please feel free to stop by again in the near future as I clear my thoughts

We’re making changes in hopes of bettering the communities and the people in them

We didn’t just change our name, we added to the core of what we do & why we do it.

In 2017 at the age of 49, I had a stroke that left me(immediately) extremely affected, but I am now mostly recovered. In reflection, I had just survived death for the 4th time in 25 years. Two cardiac issues by the age of 32. Getting hit by a car at 31 left me in pain with 3 fractured vertebrae and an injured shoulder, which led to a time of homelessness.  Each time, each life event, had one thing in common: Help from the community.

It was in that reflection that I realized our non-emergency role was no longer about the illness, it was about the recovery. 

Two parts to the same philosophy

People Matter

“when you stop looking out for the community then the community erodes”

~ Simon Sinek

 It’s now about the individual and their immediate needs, not their illness. My thought is that if a person or family member is sick, overcoming an illness or in treatment, daily routines can be overwhelming. Taking away any of that pressure & mental stress that goes along with it would help someone get better physically faster.

My Vision is to connect locals within the community with locals IN NEED within the community.  Then, through good deeds EXPAND the community’s “pay it forward culture.” And as such, Pay It Forward Local’s vision:

That because people matter more than a  ribbon, our communities need to embrace its people and help one another, not the illness. 

1) Citizenship-Nonmonetary:(small errands, take trash to the curb etc. )

Through volunteerism having locals help locals in non-monetary assistance helping directly.

2) Corporate-monetary or volunteer workforce: ( Landscaping, Gutter cleaning, Car repairs )

Inspire local companies to value members within the community, not by donating to a tax write off, but because investing in the wellbeing of people in the community that has supported them is an investment in themselves.

Pay It Forward Local is a conduit of ideas, we need more  people to be the Heroes to help  make change

The companies below didn’t hesitate to be involved when I asked, confirming my belief that big business will work with grassroots groups even without a tax write.

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